Losing Weight EP


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    releases 02 October 2014

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I Don't Know What To Do
Leaving Town
I Need You


releases 02 October 2014

A Real Love Winnipeg Release:
Naysa - Losing Weight EP - RLW-003

Album Credits:
Lead vocals on all tracks by Dave Todd
Background vocals on all tracks except “How I’m Feeling Lately” by Hayley Smith
Keyboards on all tracks by Hayley Smith
Rythm guitar and lead guitar on all tracks by Dave Todd and Sean Leslie
Bass guitar on all tracks by Grant Danyluk
Drums on all tracks by Graham Duval
Additional vocals and keys on “How I’m Feeling Lately” by JR Hill
Additional vocals on “I Don’t Know What To Do” and “Losing Weight” by JR Hill
Group vocals on “Losing Weight” by Dave Todd, Sean Leslie, Grant Danyluk, Graham Duval and Jagger Martins

All songs written by NAYSA
© 2014 NAYSA
SOCAN All Rights Reserved
Recorded by Dave Todd @ Furby Jam Space
Mixed and Mastered by JR Hill @ Mortfell Recording
Art and Laylout by Dave Todd

and/or reallovewinnipeg@gmail.com



all rights reserved


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Track Name: How I'm Feeling Lately
When I lay down at night
I Can’t close my eyes
I Got so much on my mind
I made this bed here I lie

Yeah it’s so crazy
How I’m feeling lately
My head is racing
And I’m slowly breaking down

Now I’m sleeping all day
The pillows glued to my face
I’m losing touch with time and space
I’m coming last in the race
Track Name: Losing Weight
Stick to things that I know
Has got me feeling so old
I think I’m losing my mind
That's nothing new I’m fine

Think of all the things that I did
Makes me feel like I’m better off dead
I got nothing to show for my life
Now I feel like I’m falling behind

I think I hurt everyone
I think I’ll go for a run
And I’m losing all that I gained
And I’m feeling better today

I’m so passe
I been holding out for days
Forget all that I loved
I feel like giving up