Troubled Heart EP


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Recorded October 2013 @ Furby Jam Space


released March 27, 2014

All songs written by Naysa
Except Friday On My Own written by Dave Todd Sr.

Album Art by Sean Leslie

Album Produced by Naysa

Mixed and Mastered by Rick Seidlitz @ Airis Productions

Dave Todd - Guitar and Vocals
Hayley Smith - Keyboard and Vocals
Sean Leslie - Guitar
Grant Danyluk - Bass Guitar
Graham Duval - Drums



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NAYSA Winnipeg, Manitoba

A gloomy, poppy, patchwork of melancholy and catchy melodies, Naysa's music doesn't lend itself to uncomplicated comparisons. While the genre may be hard to place, they will inevitably hook you in with their simplicity, sincerity, and downtrodden charm. ... more

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Track Name: Troubled Heart
I know that I can be difficult
I know that I can be cynical
I was born with a troubled heart
I'm surprised that i got this far

Baby I'm sorry
I always worry
Just give me attention
I know i'll regret this

Just give me something
I'm holding to nothing
I'm breathing, I hate it
Just tell me I made it

And life seems so easy
When I am dreaming
Don't wake me
I'm sleeping now

I feel so damn guilty
I feel like I'm running on empty
My car is broken down
I'm stranded and I can't be found
Track Name: It's Nice To Meet You
It's nice to meet you
I know what you been through
Cause I have been there too

Tell me your secrets
I promise to keep them
I won't hold it to you

When I was younger
I was so much stronger
I wish I could hold my youth

I'm broken and beaten
From long nights of drinking
I wish I could be with you
Track Name: Friday On My Own
Well it was friday night and the city sounds were calling out my name
So I figured I would call up mary jane
No not tonight, I sure look a fright, and boy I had a hectic day
And I wouldn't want people seeing me this way

There was a new band in town with a crazy sound
I sure like the way they play
But they were only gonna be in town for just one day
And I gave karen a calling and she said I'm sorry but
Tomorrow is my modelling day
And I wouldn't wanna throw a chance like this away

And well I tried so very hard and I didn't get very far
And I wound up spending Friday on my own

There was a comedy play at the theatre today
I didn't wanna go alone
So I went and talked to sherri on the phone
She said ain't that a shame I just did my hair that special way
And I wouldn't wanna go outside cause it might rain

And well I tried so very hard and I didn't get very far
And I wound up spending Friday on my own
And she said ain't that a shame
Tomorrow is my modelling day
And I wound up spending Friday on my own
Yes I wound up spending Friday on my own
Track Name: Push Me Aside
Take the best with us
Leave the worst behind
Seems those who carry
There bad memories
Are often the hardest to be around

Lay your restless thoughts
Deep into the ground
Don't let pain exhaust your love
Don't let evil haunt your dreams

Fear is the beast inside
Attention will feed it's lie
Fear is the illusion
That whats important can be hurt

Love is a way of life
It's the sun and it's the sight
Recognize true love inside
And others that push it aside